Creating Inner Satisfaction


An alternative way to find an inner satisfaction with life which never runs dry no matter what is happening in the external world

Creating Health is an application of a powerful interdisciplinary understanding of a technology of creativity interlinked through a common set of information to create health, wealth, inner satisfaction or whatever we desire to create


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What this web site is about

Creating Inner Satisfaction is about an understanding and a feeling in, and with, life that can be described as an inner calmness and satisfaction in whatever we do that never runs dry regardless of what is happening in the external world. It is a nontraditional and alternative view as to the nature of inner satisfaction and approach to creating it. To find this inner satisfaction we must first understand what it is and secondly, we need to understand how to create it for there are two way to experience Creation and correspondingly two way to create what we desire.

The approach to obtain this inner satisfaction utilizes as alternative view as to what it means to be a human being and the nature of Creation to provide a way to gain a greater satisfaction in life. Creating inner satisfaction within this understanding is about learning to live our own truth and to allow our creative spirit to have the experiences it incarnated to have reflected in the intention for our life.

This understanding about inner satisfaction was revealed as a result of a journey of exploration in to the nature of our creativity and captured in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and understanding. It provides a way to live life with an inner satisfaction which is different from the way most of us are taught to find inner satisfaction and live life. It is a way available to all of us. It is one that can also help create a life worth living.

Based on the definition of what it means to create, this discussion provides a perspective on the primary issue we face in creating inner satisfaction. It provides a way to opening ourselves to feeling and accessing the awareness which lies in feeling and feel our way through life to create this inner satisfaction.


Many seek in life, or with life, a contentment, fulfillment, satisfaction, bliss, joy, happiness, or whatever we want to call. However, what many do not realize is that we come fully equipped within ourselves all that we need to have such feelings We only need to learn how to access it.

Throughout human history there have been a variety of ways, teaching and/or traditions that have been used to direct individuals to try and find an inner satisfaction that never runs dry. Meditation has been one of the more commonly used practices. However, there are a variety of family, social, religious, spiritual, metaphysical, and philosophical traditions. Most of these traditions direct the individual in a way that is consistent with the tradition. Whether a social, religious, spiritual, metaphysical, or philosophical tradition, and whether implicitly or explicitly stated, each contains a view and perspective on: what it means to be human, Creation, and the nature of the Creator, many of which call God.

The issue here is not whether any one view or perspective is correct and/or right or wrong. The issue is whether or not what they direct allows the individual to find this inner satisfaction which never run dry. What is provided here is a non tradition and an alternative way to find such an inner satisfaction. It is based on not needing any teacher or guide. Although guides and teachers can be helpful, the approach is to find the guidance within and use that which we all come equipt for such a task. It is to learn to use the fullness of being and the feeling of expansion of our being to guide us in our life to the inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in our external world.

The origin of this approach to inner satisfaction

The origins of this understanding as to how to find inner satisfaction arose as part of an exploration into creativity to understand way it was so difficult to get individuals to step out of the box of their own thinking to change and improve organizational performance. Part of this exploration sought to understand why so many successful individuals were unhappy even thought they were achieving all the traditional success criteria of society or living in alignment with a professional, spiritual, religious or metaphysical philosophy for life. As a result of the number of successful but unhappy individuals the author was meeting in life, the journey evolved into an exploration to see if there was an alternative way to both how we view our life and approach life such that one could find greater satisfaction in, and with, life. What was found relative to creating inner satisfaction is provided here. What was found relative to An Alternative View of Creation and An Alternative Way is found on the correspondingly named web sits.

What inner satisfaction is and isnít

For many, inner satisfaction is a calmness within oneís being that can be obtain in such things a meditation and/or not being stressed. Some find it in doing enjoyable activities. Some would say inner satisfaction is an inner bliss and joy. However, the inner satisfaction discussed here is something different. It can encompass such ideas but is a feeling and an awareness within oneís being that can be described in a variety of ways. But most importantly it never runs dry or leaves no matter what is happening in our external world or what we are doing in the world.

For example, many sit and meditate and then go into the world only to loose the calmness and peace they had obtained. The solution for many is to use mediation to create the habit of calmness such that calmness is not so easily lost in the every day world and use a preestablished focus, something like focusing on breathing, to return to a calm state. An inner satisfaction is different. The awareness of the inner satisfaction is what leads us in the world such that whatever we do we have a peace and calmness within our being. To sit and meditate when the awareness asks us to do something will cause tension.

Most of us have some idea of what a calmness within our being feels like. Most of us have been sufficiently agitated and know what it feels like to be in an inner peace relative to our agitation. We all have probably observed an agitated pool of water with ripples and a calm pool of water with no ripples. Most of us have probably experienced the equivalent of these two states within our being at some time in our life in one way or another.

In looking at the types and kinds of things which cause us to become agitated, may spiritual, religious and esoteric traditions suggest there is something wrong with the physical experience and encourage detachment if not transcendence from what we physically experience. Although attachment to what is physical is seen as potentially harmful, normally there is no judgment form these traditions about become attached to seeking spiritual experiences. However, relative to obtaining inner satisfaction, what was found in the exploration of our creativity, not can be nothing farther from the truth. Any attachment has the possibility of robbing us of our inner satisfaction as does any detachment.

The inner satisfaction discussed here is something different than what most have experienced and/or are lead to experience. It is not joy or pleasure as mind understands it. It is not found in any attachment of mind or what mind thinks and believes. It is not joy, pleasure or happiness in contrast to pain. One can be in a deep inner bliss and inner satisfaction even when in pain. In fact, the inner satisfaction can make the pain understandable and tolerable.

In seeking to create inner satisfaction, we need to remember or realize, which ever the case may be, we are the awareness of the experience we have. We are not the experience. Our mind only knows what it experience. As such mind is not the awareness and we are not the mind we have. But mind remembers what it has experience and naturally seeks pleasure and avoids that which it considers painful.

The issue we face is engagement not detachment. It is about engaging life and what we experience in a very particular way. It is about engaging the truth of our being and living our truth in all ways in the world in which we find ourselves.

Much of what happens in life leads us to believe that we must somehow detach from what we experience, transcend the physical, achieve some type and kind of spiritual state that we free ourselves from the body, from pain, from suffering and the like. Yet there is an alternative options. It is to realized there is a reason why we would want to be physical and go and achieve that reason. There is great freedom in doing this. In doing this we can come to see much of what we see around us and experience is only vehicle and the journey we ourselves have elected to experience for whatever reason we may have.

Inner satisfaction can be described in several ways and each will have a unique way of experiencing it and describing it. It can bee seen as a calmness within our being and/or an inner satisfaction or contentment which can be characterized as bliss or joy, that never runs dry no matter what is happen in the external world. Some experience this inner satisfaction as: a fullness of being; an expansion of oneís being; an inner freedom; being full of life; a desire to engage life; a passion for life; being in "the flow;" being in the "now," or simply in a state of wonderment and "ah." Wonderment at how and what Creation really is and how it works such that one is in "ah." That is, they are speechless and all one can utter is "ah" at what they perceive.

What is curious about this state is that all one can do having experienced this state is to find a way to share with another what one has found and/or create the space for another to experience it. In this state, we return to a childlike innocence in our desire to share what we have found. Exactly what we experience and how we will experience it will be unique to us for we are a unique entity. The reason why what we experience will be unique to us and why what we think we found will look different than anotherís is because of the nature of mind and discussed under the topic "Our Problem in accessing the source/Source - the Trap of Mind"

The issue

Inner satisfaction as described here appears very illusive for it is not found by, or through, our mind. It is found in our creative endeavors and being out of mind to surrender to the creative process. The issue we face is that any creative endeavor takes us into the unknown. To create by its very definition is to bring into existence something not previously seen and/or experienced or it is significantly different than the past. Our mind, however, only knows the past and what we have experienced. So when we attempt to create anything, although mind is of little use in guiding us in the unknown, it does project our past fears into the unknown. The primary issue we face as a human being is we are an unfolding creation. As such, living life is to enter the unknown. But mind continually projects it fast fears before us expecting the unknown to be more of the same which we experienced in the past. However, many withdrawal from fully engaging life because of the ghosts of the fears of the past.

Inner satisfaction is not a created by the mind. The calmness created by mind often masks and/or suppresses underlying feeling. True calmness is found in the total dissipation of the energy giving rise to the experience we have. To not fully engage the experience is to suppress, divert and/or bind our energy in some way. That bound energy restricts our freedom and robs us of our own creative power and the power and ability to create that inner satisfaction.

To create that inner satisfaction, we need a different method and approach than what mind offers to navigate into, and through, the unknown. What this means is that if we follow our mind, we will simply be recreating the past in a different way. If we want to be free of the past to experience something different, we need to learn to somehow step out of mind. But if we are to step out of mind, how can we find our way?

The answer is to realize inner satisfaction is not found on any path renouncing Physical Creation in any way or anything in Physical Creation or about Physical Creation. Rather it is in engaging Physical Creation is a dance. A dance that provides a profound inner feeling in what you do. It is a way to find inner satisfaction in the doing. We only need to learn how to use what we already have. That is, learn to use our own inherent creative ability and creative power and learn the dance between mind and heart.

How do we obtain it

The key to inner satisfaction is an awareness which has two parts, a mental part and a feeling part. The mental part is of the awareness which gives rise to an inner satisfaction and bliss is to know everything is fine the way it is, as it is and we are only playing a role in a larger creative process. In this awareness that everything is okay, our creative spirit knows it has the power to create something different and that better serves and expresses what we have come to believe about ourselves. As such, we can continually recreate ourselves and our world with a deep inner satisfaction and calmness such that we never have to leave the physical world or separate from it.

The second part of the awareness is that having incarnated as a human being, it is the feeling and sensing of the body which gives us the inner satisfaction we seek. In particular, feeling the flow of energy giving rise to the experience we have. Mind does not feel it interprets what we feel. If we look carefully and describe what we seek it is really about a feeling. In this regard, it is feminine which gives a true source of happiness and fulfillment and it is the inner feminine which gives us the inner satisfaction. When our needs are properly nourished and met, we are fulfilled. It is the feminine which embodies the flow of energy which nourishes our true needs which we experiences as inner happiness, joy, and peace in our lives.

The answer to create inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in our external world lies in feminine creative power and the feminine aspect of our being.. The feminine aspect of our being is what is nourishing and sustaining our life. By learning to align with the flow of energy that sustains our life we optimize the creative power available to us to create what we desire to create

What has been found to be most beneficial from a lessons learned point of view is for mind to realize what is seeks in life is ultimately what the inner feminine can give us if it is free to unfold true to itself. That is, we are free to become and express the truth of our being and our reason for incarnation

The challenge is for mind to come to understand the satisfaction it seeks only ultimately results when the inner feminine both safe and free to nurture her desired creation. How we develop the perspective for this to occur is unique to each of us as a result of the experiences we have had and how we lost our ability to creatively play.

This in turn, creates the possibility of, and, is the heaven on earth that many of the mystics and mystical literature talks about. One does not have to spend years meditating to get there. We simply need to allow the creative spirit within our being to freely unfold. In doing so, we will almost instantaneously be able to achieve such a state of being. It is simply about freely and innocently surrendering to the flow of energy within our own being that gives one the fullness of being and gives us a passion for life and for living.

Contrary to what we have come to think and believe, creating inner satisfaction by or through actions of our mind cannot be done. If we could do it through the mind, we would already have it and have no need to create it. Inner satisfaction is obtained by aligning with, and surrendering to, the flow of our creative life energy. Surrendering and aligning with the flow of our creative life energy can be seen to lie on a spectrum between a masculine way to create and a feminine way to create.

Inner satisfaction occurs when the inner masculine and inner feminine are allowed to mature and merge in that maturity to create a new life within based on our truth. What is important about this inner dance between the inner masculine and inner feminine is that if the inner masculine cannot properly excite the inner feminine or the inner feminine cannot properly excite the inner masculine, we will look externally for what is not being fulfilled internally. However, when that occurs, we rob ourselves of our ability to create. That is, we are looking externally for what we ourselves must provide internally and will never find externally what we seek.

Most never properly develop the inner masculine and inner feminine and allow them to come to maturity. We end up looking externally for what seems to be missing and then become puzzled as to why we cannot create what we desire. The issue is quite simply we are looking in the wrong direction. As such inner satisfaction becomes seemingly illusive if not unobtainable.

Learning the dance of the inner masculine and inner feminine begins with realizing there is an inner masculine and inner feminine. It is about accessing the inner feminine to bring the inner feminine to maturity by learning to nourish our own truth and accessing the inner masculine to bring the inner masculine to maturity to thrust our truth into the world. Learning the dance of the inner masculine and inner feminine is doing our own experiments to explore exploring our truth to know what our truth is, what it looks like and what it feels like. In particular it is to come to know the feeling that allows us to feel a fullness of being, a fullness for life, a passion for life, a passion to live life, an inner satisfaction, a feeling of expansion of oneís being, and/or an inner bliss or joy or whatever equivalent feeling we have. It is to allow that feeling to guide us into and through life.

What we need to do is to look at what we do in life and look to see if all that we do gives us a feeling of the fullness of being and the feeling of what pulls us into life. In doing this review, we need to look for two things. One is how much what we are currently experiencing is related to the feeling of the fullness of being and/or what pulls you into life. The more the feelings correspond, the more what we are doing is what serves us.

The second thing is look to see if we can see a calmness and contentment within our being in the fullness of being and what pulls us into life. Usually this calmness and contentment is not readily seen for we are not paying attention to it. However when we are doing what really serves us, there is calmness and contentment in what we do in life that goes as deeper, if not deeper, than any calm state we can create in meditation. One does not need to meditate or do any exercise or activity to calm themselves and/or find contentment in life. They simply need to be doing what gives them a fullness of being and a passion for life and for living.

Two ways to experience Creation and to create

The are two ways to view, experience and/or perceive Creation. One view, the view of the mind, is a very masculine and thrusting way characteristic of mind which the preferred way for most and socially encouraged. The other way, the view of the heart, is a very feminine, nurturing and support characteristic of what is traditionally ascribed to the heart. To many, the view of the heart looks foolish.

Accompanying these two views are also two ways to create. There is a masculine way and a feminine way. The masculine way tends to be used by the view of the mind and the feminine way used by the view of the heart. These two ways to create can be seen as lying on a spectrum where what we do lies at any point on the spectrum and can be evolved and blended into any other point along the spectrum.

At one extreme lies the feminine way to create and can best be described as entering the most creative state of being. Here we simply surrender and play our way into creating what we desires. At the extreme other end is the masculine way to create and to do what mind thinks it needs to do to create this state and then do it,

Whether we realize it or not, it is the feminine creative power that comes from within our own being which gives a true source of happiness and fulfillment for it is what nurtures our being. It is that we truly "feel" and which allows us to manifest what is within our hearts. It is an intuitive ability to know beyond what mind knows and believes that transcends time and space. We develop it by nurturing our inner masculine and learning to speak and live our truth and create the safe and secure space for the inner feminine to nurture the offspring of our inner masculine and inner feminine.

The feminine aspect is what nurtures and sustains and which is within each of us. feminine creative power seems to be more characteristic and inherent to women than men. The reason for this is the way most women can seemingly give and nurture her child even when her mind says she does not want to do so. However, each of us have within our being a masculine aspect and a feminine aspect independent of whether we are male or female. The function and roles of the masculine aspect and feminine aspect are related to the biological functions of the male and female but they are actually independent and separate from our male and females roles society.

How to find inner satisfaction

Most creative state: Following the feminine way and entering the most creative state of being can provide this internal satisfaction, a bliss or joy, faster than mind could ever conceive. It provides a peace, calmness and clarity within our being as it unfolds. However, entering the most creative state is difficult for several reason. The reason tend to center around the lost of our ability to creatively play and that the last time most ever experienced any state of being close to the most creative state was in a childís body before sexual maturity. As a result, the issue of sex will most probably arise as an issue in attempting to return to the most creative state of being. A starting point to return to childlike play and then to the most creative state of being can be found in the topic, "A way to return to a state of childlike play and becoming opening to feeling without addressing the issue of our sexuality."

Intention for our life: In lieu of entering the most creative state of being, aligning with, and surrendering to, the flow of creative life energy that sustains our life and to align with the intention for our life through the internal compass is probably the second fastest way to find this inner satisfaction. The recommendation here is to calibrate our internal compass and allow the feeling of the fullness of being to lead our life. That will naturally move us toward what our inner feminine desire to create and give us the inner satisfaction that mind ultimately seeks.

In regard to the easiest way to obtain the understanding as to accessing the feelings we need to follow appears to be for the mind to focus inward to see what needs to be done to nurture both the inner feminine and the desired creation. Then thrust intuitively outward to meet those needs. Without an understanding of how our inner world works, the easiest way to look inward is to consult our own intuitive guidance and ask to present what needs to be done. Then honor the intuitive guidance we get. If we do not communicate well with our intuitive guidance or we feel our intuitive guidance is not what it should be, we can always use a guided meditation to access what we seek. We just need to remember the language of our inner world is often symbolic and what we get should or should not be taken literally. This also presents the issue that we will need to learn our own symbolic language to properly understand what is being communicated to us.

The more we can surrender and align with the flow of energy giving rise to our creativity and creative play in that energy and follow it leads, the deeper we experience what it has to offer. Paradoxically, the more passionate and energetic we become because of being enthused by this energy, we simultaneously move into a deeper and deeper calmness within our being as a result of this passion. In essence we move closer to the Source of Creation and from where the flow of energy within our bring arises. Some individuals spend years meditating to obtain an internal calmness and clarity similar to what is inherent within the unfolding of this creative life energy/creative spirit. Yet, it is readily available by simply aligning with the truth of our own being.

Using some lessons learned of others: In lieu of seeking the intention for our life and/or surrendering to the flow of energy which sustains us, the following actions encapsulate the lessons learned of other as to how to begin moving toward accessing that inner satisfaction which never runs dry no matter what is happening in our external world. They can be use to move toward finding this inner satisfaction. Based on these lessons learned of others, the fastest way to move toward creating this inner satisfaction is to live our life doing as many of the steps as outlined below. The more of these we can do, the closer we come toward this inner satisfaction.

Do what provides a passion for life: Look to do what provides a feeling of freedom, bliss, joy, expansion, fullness of being, a passion for life, a passion to live life. Some would call it do what fun However what is suggested here is to look deeper that what our mind considers a fun to do. What mind considers fun to do will not provide a lasting feeling of fulfillment.

Doing what lies in our heart provides a lasting flavor to life that catalyzes us to move forward into life. On this point of doing what gives us such feelings, what we do is not the same for each of us. Each of us are unique. We each have to learn to do in life what gives us such feelings. Others may not

We each have within us an internal compass which can guide us trough life and into such experiences. The recommendations is to calibrate your internal compass and the learn to navigate from the heart.

Nurture your dreams: The author has been told, that when some shamans are asked to work with an individual who is ill they ask three questions. "When did you stop singing, when did you stop dancing, and when did you stop dreaming? Our dreams are which catapult and pull us through life. Singing and dancing are about being alive with life. Dreaming is about creating our life. It is our dreams and what we hold dear to our heart is what creates what we experience in life. To dream the impossible dream may seem foolish. But unless we dream and attempt the impossible, how do we know what is possible. Seemingly impossible dreams have fueled some of he greatest advancements of humanity. Dream of man flying and going to the moon were all once considered impossible. Yet, they become reality. Who knows what is possible unless we nurture our dreams and the dreams of others.

Relative to our dreams, more often than not, the intention for our life and what we are hear to do lies in our dreams. Only when we give ourselves permission to pursue our dreams will we find that intention for our life. This in turn allows us to move to the second fastest way to find inner satisfaction.

Become clear on what we seek, ask for it and act to get it: Something we all face is that we really donít know what we what and what will really give us an inner satisfaction. Additionally, we do not routinely ask for what gives us an inner satisfaction and/or we donít move to act and do what is necessary to get it.

We need to pull the string on what we seek to see if what we desire is something that will really provide us satisfaction or it is just something mind has come to believe what will provides us satisfaction. Often we will need to do our own experiments to see if what mind wants gives us a lasting feeling and/or less than satisfying when we get what we desire. We each need to learn to distinguish between what the mind wants and what the hearts wants. We each need to become clear on what really gives us the inner satisfaction we desire.

To learn to know what gives us the inner satisfaction we desire, we have to learn to ask for what we want and do what is necessary to get it. There is an old Arab proverb which states, "Trust in God but tether your camel." That is, there are things that God and others are responsible for doing and there are things that we need to take responsibility for doing. We cannot look for others to do what we must do and what we must do starts with asking for what we want. In learning what gives us the inner satisfaction we seek, we need to understand there are no mistakes in a true creative endeavor. There are only learning experiences where we learn what does and doesnít give us what we seek.

Be willing to risk stepping into the unknown: To create what we do not have, including inner satisfaction, we need to step into the unknown. Mind only knows the past. If mind could create what we desire we would already have it and we would not need to create it.

Stepping into the unknown causes us to take a risk. We risk the known and what we have for the unknown and what we may lose. But we need to understand, we cannot fear the unknown. We can only fear the past. We can address the fears we have. Using our own lessons learned about life and the lessons learned of others we can do a hazards review on the true hazard in the fear. We can look to mitigate if not eliminate the true hazard in the fear we have. We then only need to address the ghost of the fear that continues to haunt us.

To enter the unknown may, and most probably will, present us with hazards. But we do not have to enter the unknown blindly. We can enter with awareness. In the awareness of seeing in the moment, we can use the non localized aspects of our being to see through time and space. Here our intuitive guidance, body wisdom and the like become invaluable to sense the flow of energy and where it is leading us. We can begin to sense if we are being served or not served by what we face. Everything that serves us and what we desire to create is not necessarily pleasant. Sometimes the trial and pain we face is exactly what we need to face to gain the perspective we need. We have to learn not to judge what we experience but look at what we experience in the larger context of what we truly desire to create. However, we must come to learn what serves and doesnít serves us. To know what serves us, we will need to do our own experiment to know our truth as opposed to the truth of another given to us through our enculturation and socialization.

Tithe to what give us life: The goal of life should to be create a life worth living. This, of course, is often easier said than done and is not something one can create instantaneously. Rather, one needs to continually tithe to what we desire to create. To create the inner satisfaction we desire, we need to give some time and energy on a continual basis to what gives us life, a fullness of being, a passion to be in life and to what gives us life. Ideally, all our choices and decisions in life should be toward that which gives is this fullness of being and allows us to experience an expansion within our being.

Learn to be true to ourselves and give that gift to others: We cannot give what we do not have. In learning to be true to ourselves and live our truth, we give that gift to anyone who comes into our life. This in turn will give this gift back to us in that as others learn to live their truth, they will give that gift to us. In the end, we live a more rewarding and rich life.

Relearn to be in a state of childlike play Child like play is the key to life and fulfillment in life. Some call it beginner's mind. Some call it being out of mind. Some call it living in the now. Some call it freedom. In the end it is about being free and unattached to move freely within the flow of energy giving rise to the experience we have. It is about approach life in the spontaneous and innocence of a young child discovering and exploring themselves and the world they inhabit however and wherever they are lead. It is to experience life before mind steps in with all it judgments, preferences and the like.

Realize we are all the same: We all arise out of the same "stuff" of Creation. The best that is in us also lies in any other. The worst that is in us also lies within any other. The question is, "Do we call forth the best in ourselves and others or do we call forth the worst?" We can only give what we have. If we call forth the worst in us, we will call that forth in another. If we call forth the best in us, we call forth that in any other. Additionally, because we are all made out of the same stuff of Creation what we feel, desire, and the like, every other feels the same in their own unique way. They have dreams, inspirations, longing and desire just as we do. They are doing the best they can with what they have been given just as we do the best we can within what we have been given. If we, as they, truly understood something different, we would act and be different. In this realization, we can have true compassion for ourselves and for any another.

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